The artificial island in this place is different from the others. This artificial island is made naturally from reeds, floating among the highest lakes in the world.

Peru is so synonymous with Machu-Pichu. Not many people know that on the Peru-Bolivia border, there is a world lake that is so unique, Lake Titicaca.

Altitude Titicaca Peru

Compiled by from various sources, Lake Titicaca is at an altitude of 3,821 masl with an area of ​​8,300 square km. This lake is even higher than Mount Fuji in Japan.

Titicaca Peru

Being in the Andes Mountains makes this lake worthy of arrogance because of its beauty. The blue water contrasts with mountains and horizons. According to Andean beliefs, Titicaca is the place of birth from the sun.

A Tribe in the Andes Mountains

Titicaca Peru is also a settlement of the Uros Tribe. The Uros people are very creative, and they can make floating islands as a place to live on Lake Titicaca.

The initial purpose of making this floating island is to avoid conflicts with other tribes. Over time the floating island of Uros becomes its attraction for tourists.

The floating island of Uros made in a very traditional way. They arrange the Totora, a type of reeds that grow on the lake as the main ingredient of the island.

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Totoras are stacked and tied together to make an island. Become an island nation; each island will contain one village consisting of 8 families. There are already more than 44 islands that fill this beautiful lake.

The floating island cannot be overgrown by plants other than reeds. Resident’s house was made of reeds. However, this island has never been submerged since its inception. Its existence, the island is increasingly popular and become a tourist spot in Peru.

Every day, Uros residents make a living by fishing and selling various handicrafts from reeds to tourists. They are indeed very skilled with reeds.

Lake Titicaca Peru

Tourists who come to this floating island are astonished. Not like the island, tourists are invited to vacation in a traditional campsite.

To be able to visit this floating island, tourists must use a traditional boat. Like the house and the island, the Uros boat is also made of reeds.

Best Time to Visit Titicaca Peru

If you want to visit Lake Titicaca, the best recommendations are in November and February.

At that time of the month, the weather in the Andes Mountains is very cool and feasible to surround Lake Titicaca in the morning to evening.

This place is so beautiful and must be visited, it feels like the floating island of Uros deserves to be your next vacation spot!

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