Traveloka, travel apps


Traveloka, whose company name is PT Trinusa Travelindo, is a company that provides online hotel ticket and flight booking services that focus on domestic travel in Indonesia. Traveloka has a head office based in Jakarta.

The company which was founded in 2012 initially had the concept as a search engine to compare flight ticket prices on many sites. Along with its development, in 2013 Traveloka officially became a flight ticket booking site.

Then, in 2014, Traveloka Application began entering the hotel room reservation business. The company also received an initial investment from East Venture and was later followed by Global Founders Capital.

Traveloka, travel apps

Through the Site, Traveloka provides an online platform so you can browse various types of airlines, fire and other transportation, temporary accommodation and lodging (as applicable), art shows, attractions, travel packages, prepaid credit, and make reservations or purchase (“Service”).

Users can make service bookings provided by hotels, airlines, other transportation operators, performing arts organizers, tour operators, travel agents, mobile operators, and other service providers who work with Traveloka (“Vendor”) on the Site and Travel Application.

By placing an order through the Site, you will be able to order or buy flight tickets, train tickets and other transportation, hotel rooms, art show tickets, Attraction tickets, travel packages, prepaid credit, or other services on the Traveloka Site. On the Traveloka site will provide a booking or purchase confirmation via email confirmation. Traveloka has the right to refuse bookings as set out below.

Traveloka, travel apps

Business Scope Information

Traveloka is the most extensive flight ticket search and purchase site in Indonesia. Traveloka has an operational base in Jakarta, which has provided several airlines to serve domestic and international flights. Traveloka apps using the search more than 5,769 routes so that in searching for various airlines only requires a few seconds.

The company was founded in 2012 by Ferry Unardi, Derianto Kusuma, and Albert. At the beginning of the concept, the web functioned as a search engine to compare flight ticket prices from various other sites. In mid-2013 Traveloka then changed to an airline ticket reservation site where users can make reservations on the site.

In March 2014, Ferry Unardi stated that Traveloka app would soon enter the hotel room reservation business. In July 2014, hotel booking services were available on the Traveloka website.

Traveloka, travel apps

About Company Turnover

In recent years, ComScore, a company that provides United States market data and analysis, confirms that Traveloka is ranked first for flight ticket search and booking services, outside the official website of each airline. The landscape of online travel agencies in Indonesia is arguably still relatively small. However, growth continues to occur, because 10 percent of total aircraft ticket sales in 2013 were made online.

In the same year, total revenue from travel bookings in Indonesia reached USD 10.5 billion, according to a study report from Phocuswright titled Indonesia Online Travel Overview: Arrived with a Bang, Brace for the Boom.

Touching on the description of the travel industry, Euromonitor said that the growth of mobile application users and the number of internet data package customers are also a cause of the rapid penetration of mobile transactions, which are also utilized by airline ticket booking sites such as Traveloka app, its closest competitors Ticket, and other players such as PegiPegi and Wego.

Traveloka, travel apps

Ferry Unardi, Traveloka’s Co-Founder and CEO, said that the company now has more than 270 employees, an increase from 120 employees in September last year. In March, SimilarWeb noted that the number of visitors accessing the web via desktop was estimated at 3.95 million visits.

A figure that is very impressive, but still far behind the estimation that it should have been in December – when the flight travel was crowded – which there were about 5.45 million users who access via desktop. In contrast, Traveloka’s closest competitor, Ticket, only received about 1.95 million visits via desktop in the same month.

Back in November, Traveloka app claimed that he received around 250,000 visits every day. If the data is indeed valid, it means that the number of Trave Loka visitors who access via desktop and mobile can reach 7.5 million visitors every month.

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