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Wego app allows internet users to open information from travel pages and the vast internet realm with just the click of a button. Searchers do not need to wait for long to get, for example, five-star resort rooms in anywhere you want. The Wego program also allows users to find the cheapest flight fare data to anywhere with just a click of the mouse.

The Wego explorer Travel Application can open hundreds of the best prices and the cheapest rates according to the date sought. Users can more quickly check the availability of rooms and flight tickets, so there is no need to waste time searching for information.

Wego app collect the best hotel order based on consumer ratings. When considering accommodation, users can peek at reviews from those who have stayed or used the accommodation service. Wego also displays a list of hotels based on popularity. You can find out how many Wego users have chosen accommodation before.

Wego was founded in 2005, on the ideas of former IHG executives, Yahoo !, Priceline, and Zuji. Tiger Global and News Digital Media, a division under News Corp, subsequently invested in Wego, after seeing the great opportunities this company could achieve in the future.

Most of the world’s major airlines, hotel chains, online travel agents and content collection sites have established commercial agreements with Wego. In 2010, Wego joined Holiday IQ, the largest content portal and tourism community in India.

Wego, travel apps


Features Wego Application

  • Register for a visa-free country. Based on citizenship, all passport holders have the right to travel visa-free to certain countries. This privilege makes you do not have to dwell on matters of visa, which are often long and costly. If you are happy with a sudden vacation, or if you don’t have time to apply for a visa, the Wego application has a list of “Visa Free Countries”. With this feature, you can find out which countries allow passport holders (and other user-chosen countries) to enter without a visa.

All you need to do is enter your citizenship then the Wego app will provide a list of visa-free countries specifically for you. With this feature, you can also find out which countries offer visa on arrival facilities, or states that apply Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This feature will help you save time because you don’t need to research. Besides, you will also find out countries other than Southeast Asia that you can visit without a visa.

  • Weekend Holidays. This feature gives you a reference for destinations that are suitable for weekend getaways. This feature designed for those of you who often have a sudden vacation, or are often unaware that there is a long weekend in sight. This feature is also beneficial for you who want to give a surprise holiday for your partner.

This feature can also help you to plan your vacation this weekend, next weekend, or the weekend of the next two weeks.

  • Vacation Ideas. If you already know the type of vacation you like, the Wego app can also provide vacation ideas, you know. These feature groups travel destinations based on travelling style, themes, and concepts. If your ideal vacation is sunbathing on a beautiful beach, choose the “Beach” option, and you will see some exciting beach vacation ideas. As for you who want a romantic vacation or want a honeymoon, choose the option “Romantic”. You will get holiday ideas that are suitable for couples. Another choice of holiday ideas is “Family Friendly”.

This category is suitable for you who already have children or want to take parents for a walk. There is also “Nature”, “Muslim Friendly” for you who give priority to the guidance of Muslim in travelling.

  • Popular Destinations. Popular Destinations is the first feature you see when opening the Wego app. This feature shows popular destinations preferred by many Wego app users in your area, the cheapest price estimates for these locations. Travel trends always come and go, a city can be famous this year, but not necessarily next year.

This feature also helps to ensure that you go to a hits destination!

  • Promo Exclusive. Who doesn’t want a promo? See the “Promos” tab to find out ongoing exciting offers. Holidays are expensive, but there are many ways to make them cheaper. One of them is this feature.

In addition to showing flight ticket and hotel promos, Wego application also has many promos in the category of recreational activities (theme parks, activities at tourist sites), restaurants, spas and fitness, and shopping.

  • Price Warning. Another handy feature of Wego Application is the Price Alert. You will get a notification when your target ticket price is down. You can arrange it according to the destination, budget, ticket class, until the desired travel date.

You will get the notification via the app or email.

  • Travel Reviews and Stories. Sometimes, it takes inspiration to determine vacation destinations. Some want a vacation to Instagrammable places, and some want to know places for walkers with a tight budget.

Information about the destination can be found in the Story feature.

Wego, travel apps


Business Scope Information

One of the travel search engines that has overgrown in the past decade is Wego, especially in the Asia Pacific region, India and the Middle East. In the Middle East region, the company founded by Ross Veitch and Craig Hewett in 2005 became one of the largest travel companies. Several Middle Eastern venture capital companies also support them.

Three years since was founded in Singapore received a series of funding of 4.5 million US dollars from News Digital Media, a company from Australia. Now, the company, which in 2018 booked bookings of US $ 1 billion, available in more than 50 countries.

The Singapore-based travel site was noted to have received investment from two private equity companies Crescent Point and Victoria Capital, which joined Tiger Global as an equity company that had previously invested in Wego. With the end of the third round of this stock offering, the total investment obtained by Wego reached USD 36 million in 2013.

In 2017, Wego received 12 million dollars in funding from the Middle East Broadcasting Center, and further enlarged its dominance in the Middle East. This travel application continues to grow and always offers something new. Like a digital travel company that relies on applications, Wego provides many interesting features to explore.

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