Morinaga is a Japanese firm mainly recognized for its variety of preferred sweets. However, for autumn 2019, they decided to launch an ice cream bar with a twist. The Calorie Monster Cherio Creamy Mayonaise Ice Cream retails for about 140 yen as well as has 307 calories. The outer covering and also the core is white chocolate. The gelato itself made with mayonnaise.

The reason why the ice cream bar has been named “Calorie Monster” is because of the great variety of calories the treat boasts. One single bar is pretty vibrant and also includes 307 calories, a tad less than a cup of pearl milk tea.

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Surprisingly it is not as unusual as anticipated. It mostly preferences of white chocolate and also there is something additional creamy concerning the mayo ice cream. If you would provide this to somebody without informing them, it is mayonnaise ice cream, they might believe it is simply normal white chocolate as well as vanilla ice cream.

Japan Mayo Ice Cream

However, if you recognize what is inside, you can taste the minor aftertaste of mayonnaise. It is not extremely offending as Japanese gelato has an extremely smooth, creamy preference on its own already.

If you are such as to experiment with unusual snacks, why not provide it a try? One gelato bar is currently selling at the economical price of ¥ 140 ($1.30), and will only be readily available till March 2020. Mayonnaise lover thinking about trying this can discover the ice cream at convenience stores and also supermarkets around Japan.

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