TripIt application is one of your ‘smart friends’ to help you keep track of your entire itinerary. Initially, TripIt is only a recording application of all travel schedules manually. But now, TripIt has turned into a personal assistant who is ready to accompany you during your pleasure.

Besides, TripIt apps can also synchronize schedules that have been made with various applications that are on the smartphone. This will facilitate the trip because you can check all kinds of things in multiple Travel Application that connected with Trip It.

The itinerary that you have created will be settled into a particular schedule, complete with detailed modes of transportation to facilitate travel to get to the destination. Services provided through TripIt app will fully support everything related to the success of a traveling trip. Hotels, flight schedules, city transportation to your schedule.

TripIt, travel apps

Features TripIt Application

  • Searching When Offline. TripIt app is a cool application that allows you to be able to manage your itinerary while traveling without an internet connection. When you get a link, Trip it will automatically update all the recommendations of hotels, flights, car rentals, and more around the destinations you visit, which are stored in this service.

Currently, the Trip It flight ticket application has been downloaded and installed on more than 1,000,000 devices with an application value of 4.5 from over 50,000 users.

  • Register via E-mail. A great site that creates customized itineraries from a travel confirmation e-mail launches an automatic import feature for Gmail and Google Apps that automatically reads and imports your e-mail to develop and update travel plans on TripIt Application.

If you have a Trip It app account, you can register your Gmail or Google Apps account for the automatic import feature, allowing TripIt to automatically import your travel confirmation e-mail to make travel plans. This feature works throughout the web platform and startup applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones.

TripIt, travel apps

  • Travel Plans (itinerary). When you are planning a vacation, the most important thing is the itinerary. The agenda is something that must be prepared before the holidays. TripIt automatically detects travel plans from flight booking confirmation tickets that enter your Gmail inbox. By using a smartphone, you can make travel plans easily.

TripIt is an application that is entirely accurate even without an internet connection, so you are free to determine your destination or also to find a scheduled departure. Have a destination that you go to and pass every day? You can directly enter it in the list of personal addresses.

TripIt, travel apps

Business Scope Information

TripIt, an online travel assistant who debuted at Techcrunch40. The main contributions for this round came from Saber Holdings, O’Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures, and the European Founders Fund.

In 2006 TripIt was sold to the SAP Concur Company in a deal worth up to $ 120 million after an initial expenditure of $ 82 million in cash and shares. The terms of the acquisition state that Concur travel and expense management companies pay limited cash and stock units without investment.

The company has two-tiered services – free on the one hand for limited user functionality and Trip It Pro for a full suite of services. The funding round for Trip It has taken place regularly, with an initial $ 1 million in 2007, $ 5.1 million in 2008, and a further $ 7 million in April 2010.

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