Tsurumi-ku Has a Train Station Near the Sea

One of the arts of traveling to Japan is by traveling by train. In Yokohama, there is a train station near the sea. It is the Umi-Shibaura Station in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, which is predicted to be one of the most beautiful stations in Japan. Viewed by AFP from the Japan Rail Pass website, Monday (06/17/2019), a traveler can immediately see the sea and the Bay of Tokyo from the station.

Technically, the station is located in the industrial zone of the Toshiba Company which is located right next to the sea. The station also stands on private land that is only open to employees and guests of Toshiba companies.

For this uniqueness, the traveler was not allowed to leave the station area. However, a traveler is still allowed to go around the station area which is called the ‘hidden gem’ of train lovers.

Local media Sora News 24 also said that the Umi-Shibaura train station had nothing to do with it in Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away animated film. Who ever watched the film would know.

Besides being able to see the sea and admire the Tokyo Bay, a traveler can also stop by the Umi-Shibaura Park which is managed by Toshiba. Only, this area is open to guests.

Open from 09.00-20.30 local time, this park is equipped with park benches to public toilets. In fact, it is said that the sunset from this spot is so beautiful and charming.

To achieve this, a traveler can take the Tsurumi Line line train from Tokyo to the Keihin Industrial Zone. Umi-Shibaura Station is on the last track.

Hotels near Umi-Shibaura Station

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