Turtuk Village is an Extraordinary Place in the Nubra Valley India

Deep in the interior of India, there is a heartbreaking story. A village, which lost its country. The name is Turtuk Village. Maybe the name is less familiar to the traveler. No doubt, the location is hidden in the highlands of Ladakh, India. Far from everywhere and it takes a long journey to get there.

Reporting from Landdisposition.com, Turtuk referred to as the ‘Village of the Lost Country’. Turtuk is part of India but was once a part of Pakistan.

History, in 1971 when the war between India and Pakistan. India controls Turtuk because it is considered a dangerous region. Judged, the Pakistani army can enter through there and then attack other Indian territories. Unfortunately, at that time India really isolated the Turtuk Village. The residents are guarded every day, no one can leave the village. Even villagers who were migrating and wanting to return to their villages were not allowed to enter.

Turtuk Village

Turtuk Village

Just for your information, Turtuk Village is in the Nubra Valley and surrounded by the Shyok River. The valley is included in the Ladakh region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, northern India. Turtuk Village is located at an altitude of 2,900 meters above sea level. When it is summer, it can feel very hot. Therefore, the inhabitants have a unique culture by accumulating large amounts of rocks such as bunkers.

India Have Bizarre Natural Phenomenon: Desert But Cold

Piles of rocks will make the air cool. Then that’s where food ingredients like meat and others are stored so they can last. An interesting natural cooling system, which they call ‘Nangchung’ aka Cold House. Even more interesting, the people of Turtuk Village follow Islam. Don’t be surprised, many women wear hijab and there are mosques.

They are called Muslim Noorbakshia, whose language is Balti (an ancient dialect of Tibetan). Fortunately, when the Indian government occupied the village in ancient times, there was no compulsion to convert or other religions. The people of Turtuk Village are still left with their religion.

Extraordinary Place in India

Turtuk Village

The people of Turtuk Village live by farming. The fertile soil makes it easy for them to grow various plants and obtain food. There are walnuts, oats, apricots and many more. They also raise cattle, as a source of meat food.

In 2010, Turtuk Village was open for tourism. Even though there aren’t many people who come, they are happy when tourists come and will introduce their lives.

The village of Turtuk lives peacefully, its inhabitant’s shoulder to shoulder. They also have long been willing to move citizenship to become Indians. Welcome to Turtuk, a village that has actually lost its country!

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