Traveling by plane needs to pass strict inspection. This is indeed mandatory for safety and comfort during the flight. In addition to the prohibition of carrying sharp weapons, carrying some food is also not permitted when choosing an airplane as transportation.

Can I Bring Food on the Plane?

Most travelers know that they need to improve what they are doing to get through airport and airport security checkpoints quickly and easily. If you travel a lot, rule 3-1-1 for water should no longer apply to you now.

According to Recommendation 3-1-1, travelers are allowed to bring most of the liquid – from shampoo to hand sanitizer – as long as they meet the requirements of Rule 3-1-1. This usually means you can have 3.4 ounces of shampoo, contact lens solutions, and other fluid needs as long as it’s packed in a 1-liter bag and packed by one passenger.

However, if you have something unusual that you hold as a gift to someone during your business trip or want to bring some food with you, some items are authorized through the TSA Safety Checkpoint.

When you have to bring food through the TSA security checkpoint, you must remember rules 3-1-1. Package, send, or leave anything that is high in liquid, and keep in mind that certain liquids and foods are not allowed.

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You can bring this type of food

Knowing what food can be carried onboard will save time when having to go through security checks. Quoted from various sources, the following foods are allowed and prohibited on the plane.

Baby food

baby food

Don’t worry; our babies starve while traveling by plane. Baby food is allowed on board. If the amount exceeds the rules applied. However, the airport security chief will open a floating container weighing more than four ounces.

Fresh fruits

fresh fruits

We can enjoy fresh fruit on the plane. We can bring fresh fruit stock for air travel. However, whole melons or durians may not be permitted in aircraft. But, most small fruits and vegetables will not be a problem.

Animal food

animal food

Dry animal food may have a weight capacity permitted by the airport. However, wet pet food may weigh more than capacity. So that we can store it in a bag, try the weight of pet food that we carry does not exceed the specified capacity.

Formula milk

formula milk

Formula milk is allowed in the aircraft in a reasonable amount and does not require additional inspection. If you carry it in a bag or cooler with an ice bag, make sure the ice is completely frozen when it passes the security check.



As long as it is wrapped in plastic or bag, a sandwich is allowed on the plane. So, we can drive hungry with a sandwich during air travel.



Pizza does not matter as a provision when traveling by air. However, store it in a closed container or a box so that it passes the inspection. Do not store it in paper packaging.

Baked food

baked food

Most baked goods will not be a problem if brought on board. However, baked goods must be stored in a box or container to ensure their



Homemade cakes don’t matter if they are carried on a plane. As long as it’s not ice cream or jelly, the airport security will allow us to bring it.



Food items such as salt, tea bags, and dried spices are allowed on board. Be sure to keep it labeled and separate from toiletries and other food, so it doesn’t spill and prevents confusion.

You can’t bring this type of food

Canned food It’s better to leave canned food at home. Do not carry it when traveling by plane. Even though the food weighs less than 3.4 ounces, it still requires safety checks and may not be permitted to be carried on board.

Alcohol with 70 per cent-more


Alcohol with a level of more than 70 percent will not be able to escape from airport security checks. But, if we bring it in a small bottle weighing no more than 3.4 ounces, then airport security will not matter.

Cream cheese

cream cheese

It doesn’t matter if we bring as much cheese as we can on the plane. But, cream cheese such as brie, blue cheese, and cream should not exceed 3.4 ounces if you want to carry it with a tote bag.

Jam and jelly

jam and jelly

Even in sealed packages, jam and jelly weighing more than 3.4 ounces must be stored in the trunk. In a safe way, store it in the trunk in a plastic bag to avoid accidental spills on clothing or other objects.

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