In South Korea, there is a mysterious island that is believed to have mystical powers. Tourists began to arrive there.

Reporting from, South Korea has a mystery island named Ulleungdo. This volcanic island was formed due to the eruption of Mount Merapi 2.5 million years ago.

This island is also often referred to as a holy island. The plain is formed from energy-rich from the land and clear energy from the sky.

“Ulleungdo is known as a holy island where energy-rich inland and clear energy from the sky meet and where yin and yang combine,” said guide from Toursungingbong, Yunhee.

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What To Do in Ulleungdo Island

During summer and spring, the island has many tourists. However, Ulleungdo is the snowiest place, so during the winter, not many tourists come.

Even though it is difficult to go to the island using this ship because of the harsh terrain, there are still tourists who go skiing or just look at the beautiful mountain scenery with snow. Besides having beautiful natural scenery, Ulleungdo also has a peaceful atmosphere. So, in addition to nature lovers who come, this place is often used as spiritual tourism.

Having a diverse natural environment, Ulleungdo has many nature-loving tourist arrivals. Within an hour’s journey, hikers can find a bright blue suspension bridge to a remote island, Gwaneumdo. The journey to Gwaneumdo will bring climbers to meet ancient forests with silvery grasslands. The scenery will be obtained when the climber goes on a trip to frame the sea.

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This so-called mystery island also has extraordinary underwater wealth. Tourists often swim, dive and fish in the sea around Ulleungdo Island. When walking around the sea, visitors will see squid and shrimp that are dried in the sun. Seafood available on this island can be enjoyed by visitors while seeing the beauty of Ulleungdo Island.

Don’t worry traveler. You can also stay around Ulleungdo Island. This island provides several resorts and small guesthouses for those of you who want to spend the night. There are also hotels in the form of spirals imitating the Yin and Yang signs. The hotel was designed by a Korean architecture company, The System Lab.

Ulleungd Island

How to get to Ulleungdo Island

From Seoul, it takes an 8-hour train ride to Gangneung. From Gangneung, take a ferry to Ulleungdo Island. Are you interested in visiting this beautiful and mysterious island?

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