Unrinji, Temple of Cats in Japan, Adorable But Horror

There is a temple dedicated to cats in Japan. It’s called Cat Temple, a temple with hundreds of cat statues surrounding it. Cats are everyone’s favorite animal. Even in Japan, there are temples dedicated to cats. One of them is Unjrinji Temple or temple of a cat.

Summarized by Landdisposition.com this special cat temple is called Unjrinji Temple. This temple is in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. If taken from the center of the City of Hagi, it takes 30 minutes to travel. Unjrinji Temple is also known as ‘cat temple’ or cat temple. There are two famous temples in the region, namely Takuji and Daishō-in Temple, where the temple is buried by the ‘daimyo’ or samurai king.

Unrinji temple in Hagi city japan

As the name implies, when entering the temple a traveller will be greeted by several cat statues lined up on the steps. Overall, there are more than 600 cat statues scattered in the temple area. One thing that stands out is the Buddha statue with a cat’s face.

Why is this temple synonymous with cats? It was said that once there lived a prominent samurai who lived in the area and died. His pet cat also looks desperate and sad to lose his master. So he sat in his master’s seat for 49 days until the cat bit his own tongue and died.

Unrinji Temple of Cats in Japan

After this cat dies, residents often hear the sad lament of cats at night. Then an Unrinji monk prayed for the calm of the cat’s spirit. And the next day there were no more cat noises in the middle of the night. Although the story sounds scary, this temple is always visited by tourists. In addition to seeing cat statues, visitors can also take photographs with cat-shaped head accessories. You can also bring cat statues as souvenirs and luck.

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