UNWTO Will Set Ubud To Be An International Gastronomic Destination

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will determine Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali, as a global standard gastronomic destination. The Chairman of the Ministry of Tourism’s Acceleration and Culinary Development Expenditure Team, Vita Data Messakh, said that the determination was the stage of developing gastronomic or culinary tourism products.

“The program carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and UNWTO enters the visit stage for assessment of destinations,” said Vita Datau at Sapta Pesona Building, Ministry of Tourism, Tuesday, June 11, 2019. The Ministry of Tourism has proposed Ubud as a gastronomic destination for UNWTO since 2017. Vita Datau said, in terms of gastronomy, Indonesia has advantages because of the variety of cultures and local food ingredients.

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He explained, there are three stages of the process so that Ubud becomes an international gastronomic destination. Recording of assets and gastronomic attractions is the first step to map the preparation of industries and business actors, then compiled into a report submitted for UNWTO.

The second stage goes to the UNWTO assessment. There is a process of verification and analysis through methods including interviews with gastronomic stakeholders, hotels, restaurants, cooks, food festival initiators, local governments, academics, transportation providers, and tourists.

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“The process in the field will last for eight days in Ubud, and surrounding areas. The questionnaire will be conducted online and offline for three weeks,” said Vita Datau. At this stage, he continued, planning and strategy recommendations were also carried out.

Then in the third stage, recommendations need to be made by stakeholders for the second assessment scheduled for early August 2019. “It is hoped that this program will be completed as soon as possible so that Ubud becomes the first holistic gastronomic prototype in Indonesia and the world,” Vita said.

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The UNWTO-appointed expert leader Roberta Garibaldi describes a holistic gastronomic destination that has cultural heritage value. Also the quality of local products or food ingredients that the industry is developing. “Various gastronomic facilities are quite capable and sustainable, restaurants, stalls, cafes, bars that bring local wisdom,” he said.

According to him, gastronomic-related trade is developing because of traditional markets, organic products, including formal and informal culinary education. “Other facilities, museums, food-making sites, local beverages that are the center of public education, including gastronomic research institutions, festivals are needed,” he said.

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