Mulan’s live-action film from Disney is planned to be aired next year. Although the story is set in Chinese culture, the shooting isn’t in the Bamboo Curtain country. Let’s find out the location of the film.

The film Mulan will indeed be airing next March 2020, but the public has been amazed by the two film trailers released in July and December 2019. Slightly different from the animated version that aired in 1998, the live-action version of Mulan is more focused on a Chinese legend about Hua Mulan.

In both trailers, viewers can watch many outdoor scenes. Apparently, to get the best picture, this film was filmed in New Zealand. As reported by the Otago Daily Times, some locations used for filming this film are Ahuriri Valley, Omarama Cliff, and Poolburn. Summarized from various sources, this is the profile of the three sites.

Ahuriri Valley The Ahuriri

Various Filming Locations for Mulan 2020

Valley is part of the Ahuriri Conservation Park located on South Island, New Zealand. This valley is known to have several diverse wetlands as well as various shallow ponds and naturally formed swamps.

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At this location, there is also an oxbow pool shaped like a horseshoe. This pool was formed due to the flow of the Ahuriri River, which changed direction. Besides having a natural view, the Ahuriri Valley is also an essential place for wildlife such as birds and fish to find food and breed.

Omarama Cliff

Omarama Cliff

The film Mulan also took pictures at Omarama Cliff which rose on the edge of the Ahuriri River. Cliffs covered by shrubs, formed from mud and gravel due to river sedimentation processes for millions of years.

If you want to explore Omarama Cliff, visitors can walk along the 100-meter footpath, but after that, visitors can freely explore it without a particular track. Visitors can also see a canyon located in the middle of a cliff.

Omarama cliff can be called the belle of photographers, especially when the weather is sunny because they can take pictures to see the scenery and pastel colours of the cliffs that are clearly visible.

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Along the road around this cliff, visitors can also see the Mackenzie Basin, which is often a climbing track. Even, visitors can fishing or take a boat on the River Ahuhuri and Waitaki. This location reportedly was also visited by Mulan’s film crew for shooting.


Mulan Filming Locations

Poolburn is a village located in Central Otago, New Zealand. The famous icon of Poolburn is the Poolburn Dam, which was built in 1931. This dam serves as an irrigation reservoir and fishing area. Visitors will find chocolate trout types there.

Mulan film is not the first film to shoot here. Previously the movie Lord of the Rings trilogy also made Poolburn its background.

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