Travel Ideas ~ Maybe some of the travelers are watching the crazy Joker clown movie at the Cinema? The following are the various locations that were set for filming in the US. Since it was aired last week, the Joker film by Todd Philips has become a byword. The extraordinary actions of actor Joaquin Phoenix or who have the full name Joaquin Rafael Bottom as Arthur Fleck, aka Joker, are called extraordinary.

They are known as Batman’s eternal enemy, the setting located in a fictional city called Gotham City. Although only fiction, in fact, most of the scenes taken in New York City and New Jersey in the US.

1. Anderson Ave & W 167th St., The Bronx

Anderson Ave

A traveler who had watched the Joker movie would have been steep with steep stairs that Arthur often went to when he left and came home from work. The stairs that look so steep are also living witnesses of many crucial moments in Arthur’s life.

CGI did not take the stairs, but we’re right on Anderson Ave & W 167th St., The Bronx, New York. For information, steep stairs are often found in the Bronx area, which has steep ground contours.

2. 3396 Jerome Ave, The Bronx

Filming Locations in the Joker Movie

In the rigors of life, Arthur is described as having dated a woman named Sophie Dumond, who is a neighbor acquaintance in her apartment. They were described as meeting and dating at a donut shop.

The donut outlet is a former Twin Donut Plus store at 3396 Jerome Ave, Westchester County, The Bronx. For some reason, the donut shop had to close in 2018, like Arthur’s sweet memories with Sophie, which turned out to be just his imagination.

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3. Paramount Theater Newark, New Jersey, 195 Market St

Paramount Theater Newark

It’s hard not to feel sympathy for Arthur, who waved the words ‘sale’ after being attacked by a group of rude children for no apparent reason. That touching scene was taken a right in front of the Paramount Theater in Newark, New Jersey, 195 Market St. which was re-designed like the 80s.

4. William J Brennan Courthouse, New Jersey

Filming Locations in the Joker Movie

William J Brennan Courthouse has functioned as a court in New Jersey since 1906. In the Joker film, the building serves as the home of tycoon Thomas Wayne or Batman’s father.

5. The Archway, Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Joker Movie

In one scene, Arthur is depicted running while carrying a bag in an alley at night. The view shot at a location called The Archway, located under the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn. That spot is a tourist spot.

6. Jerome Av, E 170th St, The Bronx

Joker Movie

In the film, Arthur, who was wearing a clown costume to the set, was briefly chased by two detectives who were after him. Avoiding the two detectives’ pursuit, Arthur ran to the road and hit by a passing car. Although the scene is so fast, its location is in Jerome Av, E 170th St, The Bronx. The area is near the entrance to 170 Street 4-train station.

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