The wreck of a warship that sank nearly 400 years ago is enshrined in a museum. No one knows why the sophisticated ship in its time sank, 20 minutes after the first voyage. Tragic!

Vasa is the name of the warship wreck. Quoted by, when sailing from Stockholm in 1628 Gulf ago, warship Vasa is the most high-tech in the world.

This ship was built along 68 meters and carrying 64 cannons, which at that time had never existed before. Vasa is one example of the first warship with two fully armed decks.

However, the glory of this magnificent ship with beautiful decorations did not last long. Only 20 minutes after its maiden voyage, the ship sank and killed 30 passengers.

Vasa sank at the bottom of the bay for about three centuries. Until one day, archaeologists rescued the wreck and put it on display in a museum that is now the most visited by tourists in Scandinavia.

The Story of the Vasa Warship

The story of the sinking of Vasa became one of the most significant failures and mysteries in the history of naval architecture. This accident has been considered a national disaster by the public.

The sinking of this ship was witnessed by so many people who had gathered to celebrate the first voyage of this warship. So dramatic, the seconds of this ship killed the people who boarded it was clearly visible to the public.

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At that time, the ship was blown by strong winds, then leaned to the side until then the water began to enter it. After sinking suddenly, it is suspected that this ship is unstable. The reason behind the instability is not known until now.

Some historians believe that the ship was not designed correctly. While others reasoned that the full firepower weight of the ship was not properly distributed.

Interestingly, even though it has been sitting on the seabed around three centuries, Vasa’s condition was still good when it was discovered. Apparently, this is inseparable from the manufacturing process.

Because it would sail in the Baltic seawater, which was cold and oxygen-poor, the ship was protected from bacteria and worms that usually undermined wooden shipwrecks.

When transported from the sea in 1961, experts estimated that 98% of the original wood on the ship was intact even though it had been submerged for a long time.

Now, the Vasa ship is located at the Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Sweden. The public can see the remnants of the beauty of the ship decorated with wood carvings that tell the story of the Swedish royal family. The experts are determined to continue to preserve the ship until the future.

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