Vegemite, Australians’ Favorite Jam With a “Magical” Taste

Seeing the appearance of Vegemite may be nothing special. The jar is yellow with a red logo, the jam itself is blackish brown. At first glance, it looks like chocolate jam. But vegemite is n’t just any jam, only a few non-Australians like to eat Vegemite. Though this jam is usually an Australian breakfast friend.

“First I ate Vegemite thickly spread on bread. When I ate my facial expression immediately changed, until laughed at Australians,” said the Queensland Tourism and Events Market Manager, Tjoa Su Yen

Normally, people who eat Vegemite for the first time emit strange facial expressions. Not only, Su Yen, but I also experienced this. The taste of Vegemite is somewhat “magical”. The taste is dominated by bitter and salty taste.

There is a strange odor when Vegemite is in the oral cavity. The “weird” taste arises because Vegemite isn’t actually fruit jam in general. Vegemite is jam made from brewer yeast (a type of yeast).

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The Fred Walker Company, which later changed its name to Kraft Food Company in 1922, employs young scientists to create healthy jams. In 1923 the name Vegemite was chosen and sold throughout Australia.

With the marketing lure that says that Vegemite, “Delicious to eat with sandwiches and toast, enhances the taste of soups, stews, and sauces.”

The efficacy of Vegemite was recognized by medical experts and infant health in 1939, recommended as a good source of B vitamins for the body. Vegemite was even used as a food ration for the soldiers in the Second World War. The history is listed on the official site Vegemite.

For those who want to try out Vegemite, so as not to be surprised by the taste, Su Yen recommends applying a thin layer of Vegemite on a toast that has been buttered.

Another recommendation from a local Australian is to eat Vegemite with bananas. The price of Vegemite for the size of the jar is being priced at five Australian dollars.

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