Visiting Vienna certainly can’t just look around, without clear guidance. Indeed, there are many interesting places that deserve to be visited, but there are some places where the law must be visited. Like one of them Hofburg which is an Imperial palace (Imperial Palace), which is a legacy of the heyday of the Hapsburg dynasty. This palace is more than six centuries old.

Vienna is Beautiful but Expensive

The most interesting part of this palace is Kaiserappartements which consists of 22 rooms. From this section one of them is Schatzkammer (Imperial Treasury) who keeps a collection of crowns. This crown collection is decorated with a variety of extraordinary precious gems. Like emerald 2820 carats, 416-carat rubies and 492 carats of aquamarine.

In the palace complex, there is a section called Sammlung Alter Musikinstrumente, a museum that holds a collection of ancient musical instruments of various sizes. Then the Far Lekerkunde museum, a museum that specifically stores objects from various parts of the world.

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Besides the various museums, there is also the Kunsthistorisches Museum, which is one of the best museums in Europe. This museum collects various historical objects from various regions under the control of the Hapsburg dynasty.

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Because of the size of the museum, it is difficult to see the entire collection for only one visit. One of the collections contained in this museum is a variety of paintings by great European painters. Like Canova, Vermeer, Durer, Rembrandt, Raphael, Van Dyck, Cranach, Caravaggio, Canaletto, Titian, and Cellini.

In addition to the palace, there is also a palace called Schloss Schönbrunn. This baroque palace was built around the 17th century. The palace has around 2000 rooms, but only 40 rooms are open to the public. In this magnificent palace, there is a zoo which is believed to be the oldest zoo in the world. The palace which was once the venue for the Vienna Congress is laden with various crystal lamps and giant paintings.

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Of course visiting a tourist place, not satisfied if you haven’t got a unique souvenir that represents the existence of the place. For those who like antiques, can shop around the streets such as Dorotheergasse, Stallburggasse, Plankengasse, and Spiegelgasse.

Then around Florianigasse and Josefstadter Strasse, there are a number of shops that sell various interesting souvenirs. Then for those who want to shop for good quality clothes, there are shops around Graben and Karntnerstrasse.

Vienna’s nightlife is quite lively with many cafes – cafes with music and other entertainment venues that are open late at night. Places of interest for nightlife to visit include the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ which is located between Judengasse, Seitenstattengasse, Rabensteig, and Franz — Josefs — Kai.

At this location, there are also a number of large bars such as ‘First Floor’, ‘Krah-Krah’ and ‘Ma Pitom’. Then ‘Eulennest Vinotek’ located on Himmelpfortg road. 13, is the best place to taste wines from all over Austria.


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