Maybe there are creative travelers who like to find inspiration by being alone on the island. If so, then you must stop by this Swedish island. Is Vifarnaholme, an island in eastern Sweden that is home to creative people. It’s about an hour by road from the capital Stockholm.

Called the island of ideas, Vifarnaholme is so attractive to creative people. Collected by Landdisposition from various sources, travelers who claim to be creative are allowed to stay free on the island during the summer, as reported by The Independent media.

Indeed, Vifarnaholme is a private island owned by writer and speaker Fredrik Haren. However, he rented the island free of charge for creative people.


“A place that inspires and motivates people with extraordinary ideas to realize these ideas,” reads the official Facebook post. If interested, interested people must fill out a form with ideas related to the creative project they are working on. If approved, they have the right to stay free on the island for a week.

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To note, the island is equipped with accommodations to boats to play water. It’s just that food and plane tickets to the island are not borne by the traveler.

What Do You Get for 1 Week?

Island Vifärnaholme is a 7,000 square meter private island close to Stockholm, Sweden, which you can access exclusively. You can have this island in one week and you can do anything to be creative and create whatever ideas you want to make.

There is a home for you to stay while on the island to make it as inspiring, relaxing and enjoyable as possible to sit and work on ideas. The house will sleep about 6 people in 5 beds in 4 bedrooms (+ one small guest cottage.) The house is not luxurious, but a typical Swedish summer house. It has running water, electricity, washing machine, heater and water closet, etc.

Even though it is one of the 10 most central islands in Stockholm, this island feels very isolated and isolated once you are there. In most directions, you see nothing but water and trees, but you always know that you are close to civilization.

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