It feels like the beauty of Bali really makes anyone fall in love, including Germany. Having the biggest water park in the world, Germany seems to want to build Bali in it. The largest water park in the world is in Germany, called the Tropical Islands Resort. This water park is an artificial island in Krausnick, Germany.

Written by from the official website, Tropical Islands Resort is 60 km south of the City of Berlin. About an hour using a vehicle. Formerly this water park area was an aeroplane hangar. After no longer functioning, a Malaysian company bought this land.

The idea is the world’s largest artificial rainforest that is opened 24 hours a day. Its capacity can reach 6,000 visitors at a time. As the name suggests, this water park has around 5,000 tropical trees behind a transparent dome. To be more similar to a tropical island, it also builds an artificial sea with white sand and a lagoon.

Tropical Islands Resort

To add to the impression of Bali, Tropical Islands Resort established a Tropical Village spot. This is the corner of Bali’s tropical countryside that is excellent. At Tropical Village, tourists can see the Bali Pavilion, the Bali Temple Gate, Borneo Longhouse, Samoa Fale and Wayang Stage. Do not want to make visitors disappointed, tourists can also look for entertainment in the form of Tropical Variety Show.

Private Island in the Airplane Hangar

Like a private island, travellers are given the choice to be able to culinary tour in 13 restaurants and bars. For children, there is a certain area called AMAZONIA Tropical Islands Zone. So the biggest in the world is actually enough to attract tourists. But Tropical Island Resort also wants to challenge its visitors to test the guts in Germany’s highest slide tower. This slide tower has a height of 27 meters with a slide length of 149 meters. The derivatives and turns make you satisfied to shout.

Tropical Islands Resort

Besides, tourists can also see this artificial island from a height with a hot air balloon. Imagine how big this water park is. Continuing to operate throughout the year, Tropical Island Resort is kept warm at 26 degrees Celsius. Wind, birdsong and the coolness of a tropical island make visitors forget that this is all artificial. Other recreation areas are Rainforest, Tropical Village, Shopping Boulevard, Tropino Club for Kids, The African Jungle Lift, Water Slide Tower, Island Ballooning, Tropical Sea, Bali Lagoon, Fitness Club, and miniature golf.

To be able to enjoy all this, a traveller will be charged an entrance fee of 42 €. Visitors will be given a bracelet which is a transaction tool. Next day, All transactions will be recorded in a bracelet and must be paid when leaving the water park. Visitors who want to spend the night can rent a room or tent too. Happy holiday!

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