The capital city of Japan, Tokyo is a metropolitan city with good access to transportation and many places must be visited. Here are recommendations for efficient tourist spots and should not be missed by foodies.

Tokyo Plaza Omotesando

Tokyo Plaza Omotesando

The unique scenery in this plaza should be immortalized. There is an escalator located under the tunnel made of mirror pieces that make up the kaleidoscope.

At the end of the escalator, there is a terrace containing a small garden and green open space to relax. If you start to get hungry, just head to Gyumon, a yakiniku restaurant that serves meat. Another option is Menya Kaijin, a ramen restaurant that provides a seafood menu.

Torii Nezu Shrine

Torii Nezu Shrine, tokyo

Located not far from Ueno Park, this shrine is the oldest shrine in Tokyo. The bright orange gates are even more beautiful in spring when white and pink azaleas bloom around them. Not far from this shrine, there are YumeWo Katare (俺の生きる道 白山) and Yakiniku Kōrakuen which are very delicious.

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Jimbocho, tokyo

This district is filled with rows of small bookstores that line the side of the road. This line of books also provides a unique background for taking pictures. There are two halal food options in this area. First, Akasaka Saryo Ouka, a Japanese restaurant owned by a Muslim. Another option is Coco Ichibanya, Akihabara branch.

Soho Odaiba

Soho Odaiba

Who would have thought office buildings could be such an interesting sight? At Soho Odaiba, this row of office spaces is painted in bright colors and neatly arranged to form a unique scene. After taking a photo here, you can go to Sojibo to enjoy a variety of halal Japanese food with authentic flavors.

Sensoji Asakusa

Sensoji Asakusa, Tokyo

Also known as KannonAsakusa Temple, this shrine is a favorite spot for tourists. The giant red lanterns in front of the gates are the iconic sight of this place.

Nearby there is also Nakamisa Street which contains shops and traders selling souvenirs to food. If you are starving, you can come to Taizan Sakura or Sushiken.

Giant Ghibli Clock

Giant Ghibli Clock, Tokyo

Ghibli lovers will be delighted to find this place. The location is in the Nittele tower in Shiodome Tokyo. This clock was even designed directly by Hayao Miyazaki. This hour also moves at 12.00, 15.00, 16.00, and 20.00. Nearby there are several foods, namely Gyu-stiff restaurant and Akasaka Saryo Ouka.

Mori Digital Art Museum

Mori Digital Art Museum, Tokyo

In this museum, you will find the magic of digital art in the form of various high-tech installations. One of the favorite spots here is the sparkling Crystal World. After visiting, you can stop by Sojibo, which serves various Japanese foods such as buckwheat noodles and curry.

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