Want to Tour Japan with This Lantern Hat?

Many unique things created by Japanese people. One of them is a lantern shaped hat that tourists can buy. A variety of creativity is done by Japanese people to attract tourists. One of them is removing this lantern paper hat model.

Reported by Landdisposition.com this hat output of one brand named Whole Love Tokyo, which is famous for its innovation to create old things come alive again in modern times. One of their creations is Chochin Cap, this lantern hat.

If observed from a distance, Chochin is like an ordinary cloth hat in general. But if you monitor it closely, this hat is not from cloth, but from paper lanterns and wood.

Not just for style, this hat also aims to commemorate the creations of Minori, the famous lantern businessman in the Edo Period (1603-1868). As well as other goals of the creation of this hat to help promote Kyoto crafts and keep the tradition alive.

Did you know, it took 10 months to arrange paper and wood into a contemporary hat. The price is around USD 119. For purchases, you can visit the Kyoto Whole Love site. How? Interested in traveling around Tokyo wearing this lantern hat?

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