Wembley Stadium, The Building with the Most Toilets in the World

Football fans will definitely not expect it. This is a famous soccer stadium, but also the building with the most toilets in the world. Summarized Landdisposition, the building with the most number of toilets in the world is Wembley Stadium. The soccer stadium in Wembley, England has 2,618 toilets.

Fantastic right? But it’s normal because this stadium has 90,000 seats. As well as the Wembley Stadium is the biggest football stadium in England and the second-largest number in Europe. In his Twitter account, Wimbley Stadium also stated that there were more than two thousand toilets. This posting on August 19, 2019, received mixed responses from netizens.

Wembley Stadium was opened in 2007 after the original building was demolished in 2002-2003. The stadium is also home to England National Football matches, FA Cup Final and local soccer matches. A soccer fan traveler may be familiar with this stage. In addition to football matches, the stadium is also home to music concert events and rugby league.

 Building with the Most Toilets in the World

Wembley Stadium

The biggest stadium in England has a roof that can be pulled in the direction of the wind. This helps to care for field grass that adjusts to the direction of the sun. Also to condition the field under the sun during the match.

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The facilities at Wembley Stadium are cafes that sell a variety of foods and drinks spread across 5 levels of the building. Also a special door for visitors who need a wheelchair, semi-ambulance, and also a service dog. Inside the stadium, the loudspeakers are spread so that the audience can hear clearly comments, information, and emergency announcements. There are also special commentators provided by the stadium for visitors who have sensory impairments.

Travelers who want to get to know and see Wembley Stadium up close can join the tour program. You will be invited to tour the biggest sports venues and musical shows in the UK. Visitors on the tour will be invited to see the dressing room, press conference room, player tunnels, the iconic Pitchside, and the Royal Box. Also, you will be invited to feel the nostalgia of the victory of the 1966 World Cup, and invite visitors to create nostalgia at the biggest stadium in England.

To be able to enjoy the tour, visitors can make online bookings or contact the contacts listed on the official website. On the website there are several tour options and dates that you can adjust. Tour prices start at 19 Euros (around Rp. 330 thousand) per person.

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