Whale sharks are referred to as friendly and intelligent animals. Well, the story revealed through this viral video also shows that side. Very touching and makes you understand.

The video of the whale shark has gone viral on Twitter. This @HelmiBai uploaded video originally spawned a ship in Sarawak, Malaysia.

At that time, the crew was seen fishing. Their equipment is visible on the video. Suddenly, a whale shark whose size is not too large approached the side of the ship. Calmly, the whole ship sees what he will do. As the whale shark gets closer to the ship, anglers see a rope wrapped around the animal’s body. The crew understands that the whale shark is asking for help.

Slowly, an angler picks up a hook to pull the whale shark closer to the ship. While the others shouted for scissors. The next reply is raised, this time containing a statement that the scissors will not be able to cut the rope. It turns out that the rope around the whale shark is quite thick.

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When it feels close enough, the man holding the hook lifts the rope slightly to avoid the body of the whale shark. Another man contains the rope and cuts it with a large, sharp knife. Within seconds, the rope is loose. The rope is pulled so that it is completely separated from the body of the whale shark.

Knowing that the strength that had been wrapped around is released, the whale shark moves little by little to make room for its massive body. The shark then slightly raised its body and fins; the whale shark is like saying goodbye.

The entire ship was welcomed by saying ‘bye-bye.’ After being able to move freely, the whale shark wags its tail. This movement can be interpreted as a sign of gratitude. This rescue is released with emotion. Newly uploaded videos in the morning have been watched hundreds of thousands of times, liked and retweeted to tens of thousands of accounts.

The comment column floods with praise and happy expressions. However, even though the whale shark can be saved by the crew, some suspect that human activity that initially caused animals to be entangled in strongs – is related to the human habit of littering.

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