The image of the lonely house has gone viral on social media in the last few days. Various theories have emerged including being linked to zombies.

Reporting from Oddity Central, the photo has actually been circulating on the internet for years. But until now, the house’s origins are still a mystery.

The island on which the house stands is part of the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago off the southern coast of Iceland. The island is named Elliðaey (or Ellirey). It is located in the easternmost of the islands.

Elliðaey Island

History of Elliðaey Island

Elliðaey Island has been an uninhabited island since the 1930s. So the existence of a house building that looks well maintained raises a question mark in the minds of the public. Who is the owner of this house?

Rumors and theories about this lonely house on Elliðaey Island have sprung up. Some say that the white-walled house was built by an eccentric businessman as a shelter from zombie attacks.

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Others have theorized that this house belongs to people who are fanatical about religion. Not only that, Icelandic singer Bjork is also rumored to have a retreat there and is negotiating with the authorities to buy the island.

Isolated House

In fact the isolated house on Elliðaey Island

Apparently, none of the above theories are correct. This house turns out to be a hunting lodge built in the 1950’s by the Elliðaey Hunting Association.

At that time members of the association used the house as a rest when hunting for puffins. However, until now the existence of this hunting club is also unclear because the island is uninhabited.

A little back before the 1930s, this island was inhabited by a number of families. Then the island began to be abandoned because they wanted to find better job opportunities in Iceland.

The theory says that some residents still make frequent trips to Elliðaey Island to hunt puffins and fish. That is what is thought to have been the origin of the establishment of a single house there.

Even though the house appeared to be in good condition, it would be difficult if anyone lived there. The house does not have electricity and water facilities.

Elliðaey Island itself is actually a nature reserve where various types of animals and plants live. If a traveler is curious to see the beauty of the island and this mysterious house, you can use local tour services there.

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