Love Japanese cuisine? Japan is a culinary paradise. Lots of delicious foods found there. One of the most famous is the Ramen. Yap, these Japanese noodles might already be familiar to you, or maybe you’ve already tried it. In Japan, there is one famous ramen shop, even to foreign countries; its name is Ichiran Shop. Ichiran Shop is a franchise shop in Japan that can open branches overseas.

This ramen shop specializes in Tonkotsu ramen, which is a ramen dish originating from Fukuoka. Tonkotsu Ramen is a special dish, where the broth is based on pork bones and other ingredients and is traditionally boiled for several hours.

This shop was opened in 1960 in Fukuoka, which was initially called “Futaba Ramen,” but changed its name to “Ichiran” until now. Ichiran’s CEO, Manabu Yoshitomi, was the first to open the store concept in 1993. And in 2017, Ichiran Store has overgrown, opening 65 branches throughout Japan.

For Travel Mates who plan to visit this shop, Landdisposition will provide some vital information regarding what matters to consider when trying to eat a meal at Ichiran Shop. I wonder, how about the sensation of delicious Ramen at this one Ramen Shop? Check out the reviews!

Ticket Ordered Food Served Using Machines And Available Several Languages ​​That Can Be Selected

In all Ichiran ramen, the ordering method is the same, using a vending machine. Once inside the shop, you will see a board that will tell you where empty seats are available.

This board is handy, especially if you see buyers always crowd this shop. On the right and left of the board, its Noren, Noren used to reduce exposure sunlight from outside. Well, behind this, Noren door is lined with coffee shop chairs for you to enjoy the ramen dishes that sold at this Ichiran Shop.

But before sitting, you have to buy a ticket first at the ticket sales machine. This ticket machine is on the right when you enter the shop. When it is in front of the device, next to the menu image, the names of the menu will be written.

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The menus usually use Japanese, English, Korean, and one more Mandarin. You can choose the favorite list that is all available on the machine. As stated above, this restaurant has a mainstay menu, Tennen Tonkotsu Ramen. This Ramen sold around 890 yen.

Focus on Enjoying the Taste of Ramen By Sitting at the “Concentration of Taste” Counter in Ichiran Ramen

After finishing buying a meal ticket, it’s time to choose the desired seat. In this shop, there is a unique place to sit; its name is a seat of taste concentration. This seat is explicitly provided for those of you who want to concentrate on enjoying the dishes served by the Ichiran ramen cooker.

The shape is lined up, just like the counter seats, but at each table, there are limits. And unique, before eating at this Ichiran Shop, you will be given a piece of paper first. This paper will be useful for those of you who want to provide the desired characteristics of Ramen.

Also, there are seven criteria to choose from, both the thickness of the soup, the level of noodles maturity, and so forth. Want to try all the options provided earlier? Don’t forget to stop by this place! The Ramen is delicious!

Ichiran Ramen

Enjoying Ramen Dishes Full of High Taste Ala Ichiran Ramen

After choosing the desired ramen criteria, it’s time to enjoy the Ramen. Here we will discuss one of the mainstay menus from Ichiran, namely Tonkotsu Ramen. The deliciousness of this Ramen has indeed been tested; the color of the white broth comes from the natural collagen of pigs.

When you try it the first time, the sauce will feel thick on the tongue but does not smell fishy. And one more thing that makes this ramen shop different from other Ramen, which found in the ramen soup. This ramen soup is the first ramen soup in the world with 0% trans fat content, which makes it safe and suitable for health. As for the oil, this shop uses small straight noodles, which makes it feel like it is running down the throat.

Besides, said that the red sauce at Ichiran is a “secret sauce,” which made from the essential ingredients of chili and a mixture of more than 30 other secret herbs. But even though it consists of various spices, the taste of this sauce is not too spicy.

To get a better taste of Ramen, Travel Mates can mix the sauce with noodles, and it will get a savory flavor that spoils your tongue. If you feel the sauce is less spicy, don’t worry, because you can adjust the level of spiciness on the order paper provided. Great right?

Still Not Satisfied? You Can Order Kae-Dama in Additional

For Travel Mates, who feels his stomach is still loose after eating the Ramen, there is no need to worry because Ichiran Shop provides karma-dama for those who want to add. Kae-dama is a new high school but without any sauce and toppings. The price for Kae-dama itself is around 190 yen, but you can also order half of it for 130 yen. For those who are interested, can order directly to the staff, or maybe if you already want it from the beginning, it has also been provided in the paper menu options earlier.

Now that was some information related to the legendary Ichiran ramen and interested in enjoying it?

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